For the many years Minecraft multiplayer has been in existance since 2009, hacking has always been a problem. How has it changed as Minecraft aged?

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Prologue - The Creation Edit

Minecraft was first started as "Cave Game" in March 2009 by Notch. As May went on, he added mobs and humans. On June 9, multiplayer was first released, but it wasn't like the multiplayer it was today. Over time, it slowly got more and more players, and slowly gained more and more popularity. A new beginning has dawn...

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning Edit

In the beginning, it was just another sandbox game. A world where you could survive, and fight off monsters. Servers were around during this time, but they weren't the minigames you had today. It was classical Minecraft, a world of creation. But progress doesn't stop. Indev came, then infdev, then alpha, then beta. Finally, on November 2011, Minecraft 1.0 was released. The constant release of new versions led to Minecraft to explode in popularity. 1 million sales were achieved by January 2011, and progress keeps coming.

Around this time, mods began appearing. With ModCoderPack coming out at the early alpha versions, users could now create mods. The first mods like BuildCraft or TooManyItems began to be released. But with mods comes hacks, a modification that allows for cheating in both multiplayer and singleplayer servers.


Chapter 2 - The First Cheats Edit

They were mostly just fun projects by people, but they didn't do anything fancy.

Beta MC

Chapter 3 - The First AntiCheats - AntiCheat, NoCheat (and later AntiCheat+ and NoCheatPlus) Edit

Chapter 4 - Hacked Clients Gain Popularity, AntiCheats spread (MC 1.0) Edit

Nodus! Wizardhax!

Chapter 5A - Exploits and Bypasses Edit

Flight bypass anyone? BlockHit? CommandBlock?

Chapter 5B - The Cheating Market Edit


Chapter 6 - Fall of the Monopoly Edit

Both sides

Chapter 7 - Progress on All Fronts Edit