Here are all the hacks that can be countered easily.

Kill Aura Edit

The Method to Counter: Add a bunch of "fake" players around you, so you can't turn on kill aura without hitting them. The Counter: There are several methods:

1. Ignore invisible players, but this will hide real invisible players. 2.Ignore fake players by scanning the list of players with the tab button and then ignoring every player that is not in it.(However, its hard to code a hacked client that does that and no one has ever released a hacked client that has that feature!)

AntiCheat Counter: Adds a visible player when you pvp on top so legit players can't hit it.

The Hacked Client Counter: Kill aura FOV. It can be toggled to ignore players on top or back. Shotbow Anti-Aura Counter:Places a visible player in front of you for a split second, legit players don't have that reaction time, but hacked clients do.

The Hacked Client Counter: Ignore newly spawned players for x seconds.

Even better: Ignore newly spawned players in 4 blocks of you for x seconds will bypass everything Shotbow throws at you, but it has never been done. AntiCheat Counter:MobInFront. Places an invisible entity in front of you and the player you attack, if you hit invisible player it is removed for normal pvp, if not detection system fires up. Kind of the opposite of what to expect.

The Hacked Client Counter: Triggerbot (but its very useless at this point) or Aimbot + Triggerbot. This has a great chance of bypassing but effectiveness may be lowered (2 hacks to turn off when you don't want to hit)

OR MobInFront detection (never made): If a fake entity is detected between you and the player, then it will try to go Triggerbot mode until it disappears. AntiCheat Counter: Checks for heuristics (unusual behavior), learns and checks in a number of ways. The Hacked Client Counter: 1. Random Misses

2. Kill aura speed randomized (for example you can choose to hit between 9 and 10.6)

3. Rotation Speed/Limit

4. SPAWN IGNORE NEW! If a player spawns within x blocks within the back FOV it will be ignored! (If you spawn in front of a legit player that is facing back of you, you have no choice though... But better then FOV aura.

5. ProImitateNEW! Sets the capability of a pro pvper (or a bit better), with turning speed randomizer, low miss rate, closest body part check. (it won't snap to head, but to a point where you can hit it, and it will try to snap to the least angle possible)

Even if these were implanted, the effectiveness of kill aura is now only of a good pvper (not that insane bot that can overpower so much players) , and you won't kill as fast.


The Method To Counter It isn't that effective, but it adds fake players. The Counter Simply ignoring the fake players will work. There is really no way to bypass tracers as it is impossible. to hide the actual player itself. Note: Some servers hide players through walls. This stops the wallhacks but there is no way for an anticheat to block the tracers itself.