Feel Free to request more hacks to be added!

Safety Levels (By NoCheatPlus):

  1. Undetectable
  2. Detectable by NCP sometimes
  3. Detectable by SERVER If You Do it Extreme
  4. Blocked when enabled without player moving

3.5 represents hacks that are preventable in every way IF YOU DO SOMETHING.

Included clients here;

Nodus, Wolfram, Wurst

Note: Useful hacks (not chat hacks, silly ones, etc.) only. Hacks like derp are not to be listed here.

Not included hacks;

Repetitive ones (build random, autobuild)

ForceOP ones (book commands, OP sign)

  • Aimbot (locks target when you aim) 1: Detectable through target "snapping"
  • Anti-AFK (Walks around randomly to prevent AFK kicks) 1: Usually no one will mind
  • Anti-Blind (Stops the blindness/nausea effect) 1. Only when blindness is given to everyone
  • Anti-Fire (you don't get burned when you are in the fire) 4: See note 1
  • Anti-Hurtcam (disables the annoying effect if you take damage) 1: Impossible to know
  • Anti-Knockback (disables knockback) 3.5: Easy to detect, some kick player, some don't
  • Anti-Potion (prevents bad potion effects) 4: See note 1
  • Armor and Invsee (what they hold)ESP 1: ArmorESP is allowed on some servers
  • Arrow Trajectories (you see where arrow lands) 1: Unless the whole objective is to aim with arrow
  • AutoArmor (automatically places armor) 3: Might throw NCP Checks
  • AutoAttack/Fightbots (automatically attack everyone you see) 2.5: Easy to tell, may throw checks
  • AutoBuild (automatically builds objects) 3: If you don't look at it, you can't build it... Some bypass by looking at it
  • AutoLog (automatically combat logs) 1: If server only has NCP 3.5: Combat logging plugins
  • AutoEat (automatically eats) 3: Might throw NCP checks
  • AutoMine (mines everything you see) 1: Impossible to tell
  • AutoRespawn (automatically respawns after dying) 1. Impossible to tell
  • AutoSoup (automatically drinks soup) 3.5: Throws NCP checks
  • AutoSprint (always sprint) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Auto Steal/chest raid (steals everything from chest) 3: NCP checks
  • AutoTool (switches to the correct tool) 1.5: The tool must switch fast
  • AutoWalk (automatically walks) 1: Not many use it
  • BaseFinder (finds bases by searching for manmade items) 1.5: Only if its obvious that you're finding things too fast.
  • Blink (freezes all packets from client to server, player moves, removes blink, to "teleport") 4: Blocked with NCP
  • BlockESP/search (searches for a specific block) 1: Can't Tell
  • BowAimbot (locks bow on) 2: Easy to tell from others
  • Breadcrumbs (leaves a trail behind you) 1: Can't tell
  • BunnyHop (makes you jump whenever you walk) 1: Can't tell
  • CaveFinder (finds caves) 1:Can't tell
  • ChestESP (Finds chests) 1: Not easy to see
  • CIvBreak (breaks anni nexus faster) 3.5: Throws NCP checks, but they cause the nexus to break.
  • CompassTracer (traces compass back to the original location) 1: Can't tell
  • Criticals (force crits) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • Disable (removes all hacks) 1: Not even a hack
  • Dolphin (a way to automatically swim, most bypassable version of NCP 1.5: If you move normally you can't tell
  • Enemies (configure who are your allies, enemies to be ignored in clients) 1: Client sided
  • FarmHuntESP (finds players faster in farmhunt) 1.5: Unless its obvious
  • Fastbow (shoots bow hyper fast) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • Fastbreak (breaks blocks fast) 3.5: Majority blocked by NCP
  • Fastfall (falls faster) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • FastLadder (climbs ladders faster) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • FastPlace (places blocks faster) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • Fly (flies, one bypasses but doesn't allow you to fly that much) 3: Latest fly bypasses but is weak
  • Freecam (flies around in third-person, can't break but it just spectates) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Fullbright (makes it day/always light) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Glide (falls slowly) 3.5: All blocked
  • HealthTags (shows all health, like damage indicators) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Invisibility (after you die other players can't see you) 3.5: Blocked
  • InvWalk (able to walk with inventory) 1: Impossible to tell
  • ItemESP/tags (draws boxes around items/shows you what items there are) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Jetpack (files up in the air when you hold space) 3.5: Blocked like Fly
  • KillAura/Legit (attacks everyone, legit one is slower) 2.5: If you do it too fast autoblock
  • Liquids (allows interaction with liquids) 3.5 Blocked by NCP
  • MobESP (mobs have a square wrapped around them) 1: Impossible to tell
  • MoreInventory (crafting table in survival inventory won't drop) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Mutiaura (attacks mutiple entities) 4:Blocked by NCP
  • NameTags (shows larger nametags) 1: Impossible to tell
  • NoFall (0 fall damage) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • NoSlowdown (You don't slow down at webs, etc) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • NoSwing (you don't swing to hit) 3:Blocked, but not right after you noswing
  • Nuker/Legit (you destroy everything around you) 3: Blocked by destroying too fast, slower ones can bypass
  • Overlay (make you easily see block breakage rate) 1: Impossible to tell
  • ParkourJump (jumps like parkour) 1: Impossible to tell
  • PathFinder (finds a path to a point) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Phase (glitches through walls) 4: Not possible in vanilla client
  • PlayerEsp (draws boxes around players) 1: Impossible to tell
  • PlayerFinder (exploits a glitch with weather to help find players during thunderstorms) 3: NCP stated that is blocked
  • PotionEffects (show active potions) 1: Impossible to tell
  • PropHuntESP (shows all "blocks" when you are at hide and seek) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Reach (reaches out more) 3: Reaching too much=Block
  • Regen (regens faster) 3.5: Is prevented by NCP
  • RemoteView (views from another users PoV) 1: Impossible to tell
  • SafeWalk (prevents you from falling off) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Spider (climbs up blocks) 3.5: Blocked for climbing up too much
  • Step (steps up one block) 3: Mostly blocked
  • Teams (allows you to choose what color nametag to attack) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Timer (speeds up everything) 3:Blocked if too fast
  • Tracers (draw lines to players) 1: Impossible to tell
  • TrueSIght (sees invisible players) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Waypoints (shows way points) 1: Impossible to tell
  • X-Ray (sees ores) 1: Impossible to tell
  • NCPBypass-Disables hacks or makes them bypass NCP. 1: Impossible to tell, just a toggler

Note 1: After the servers stopped depending on the client, many hacks became impossible, and things are enforced by the server.

Note 2: "Impossible to tell" means that NCP cannot tell, other players can tell.