The following lists all hacks for certain areas.

Remember that all hacks are undetectable if you don't show them.


Tracers, PlayerESP, Fullbright, Anti-blind, HUD hacks (see other player's inventory and what they hold), Always Sprint (NOT the speed one), bow projectile determiner, and any other client side hack.


These hacks are undetectable and is very hard to find. Full bright and anti-blind+ HUD are pretty much impossible, because there is nothing you can do that you can expose them (unless you are in a blind zone and you walk like you can see everything, but its hard).

Projectiles (look at landing point) is undetectable under most areas unless you are doing some sort of bow aiming contest and you hit the target right several times in a row.

Always Sprint is undetectable, because its just making you not have to double tap sprint.

ESPS are undetectable but you can give it away by finding players behind walls multiple times, however it requires video and its hard to tell if you just used F3+B (hitboxes). NOTE: Check for fake entities with tracers+truesight before activating Kill-Aura, or you will get autobans!

Survival G.Edit

-ChestESP-Hard to find that you are doing it unless someone sees you run from chest to chest and finding hidden chests multiple times. -Killing Hack-Easy to tell, but the legit one won't trigger autobans for the most parts.

The Walls, Anni, and Other Team-Role LobbiesEdit

X-Ray is useful if you have to dig for things.

Team Kill-Aura (attack only enemies) is also useful.

Using ESP hacks you can pre-warn of all enemy positions, and give away ambushes or even track down the origin of the players.

For things like capture the flag, aim for the enemy with the flag.

Attempt to do the "lure": Single out one enemy before killing it, retreating, and using the weapons to kill more.

SP Thrive and Last Man Standing (be the last alive)Edit

Pretty much same as the team role lobbies, however you shouldn't say anything to enemies, keep track of invaders, and let other players weaken themselves. Since your tracers is a pre-warning system, you should be able to tell invaders and counter it.

Hide And SeekEdit

Wolfram is a really good client for this. So is Wurst, but it doesn't seem to be able to tell hidden blocks until its fully a block. Since there is no way to KillAura it, Wolfram can easily track down hiders from across the map, and you can tell other seekers where the hider is. Also use bow projectile determiner to hit the "block".