By 4thDimensionTraveler, on 9/20/15. Do not attempt to credit this as your own work!

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This is a tutorial about how to find an array of bytes hack. This is only about what to do when you have the function right in front of you only, I won't write a tutorial about how to find values because every author stores it differently (uses different variables).

1. Finding the Important Folders Edit

Finding the code can range from easy to hard. To find one in a non-obfuscated code, just search for obvious variables like "lives" or "money"/"cash" or whatever its called when you load the swf.

For this example, we'll be using bloons monkey city swf:


Image 1.

However, most of these folders are useless, and in order to search for something useful, we search for something like lives/money/cash, etc. A quick search for things like that makes sure that the important scripts are in that folder.

2. Locating the FunctionEdit

In order to locate what controls what, you have to look in the right folders. In this example, I would not like to use real code to hack, so I made up my own. Lets just say that this was the function for starting BMC lives:


Image 2. I had to blur it, sorry!

Now we just press the 0xFF push button and all the arrays will come out!

Let's pretend that this is your array:

//25 ac 32

pushshort 300





//24 05

Pushbyte 5





Confused? This translates to:

300+(_loc1_ + 1) *5

Lets just say that this is your lives formula (its not), so to mod it you want to change the multiplier (*5) right?

But you don't know what to push right?

Try changing it to: 300 + (_loc1_ + 1) * 100

(Click edit button and save)

Click on the 100, and you should see that it should be related to 24 64 or pushbyte 100.

What to change:

25 ac 32 d1 91 24 05 a2 a0

25 ac 32 d1 9a 24 64 a2 a0

Congrats, you have made your first AoB hack!

Note: Do not submit this hack, this is NOT the actual AoB.


Image 3. The code to change.

A Little Note on Some SWFS Edit

Some swfs, instead of having straight on variables, have variables called o1235 or like t_fefb. This is known as obfuscation and is meant to challenge users to try to hack their code. These require some more time then usual because its a challenge to find out what controls what!


Image 4. An example of an obfuscated swf. (In this case, SAS 4.)

The best way to do it is to rule out the assets and the useless functions, remember that the o???? holds all the codes.