This is an example of what we do with hacks when we have enough.

NOTE: The by is which account did this.

BONUS for the 1 billion respec+revive token image: Try to calculate the number of american dollars this would cost you. Assuming that we use $200 for 2500 NK coins and 50 NK coins for 18 tokens. Respecs cost 10 NK per respec. Tokens can also be purchased 10 NK for 3 tokens. Open the tab for the answer.

Answer to NK Coins Question
1,000,000,000 respecs*10 NK coins per respecs = 10,000,000,000 NK Coins.

50 NK Coins Per 18 Tokens=55,555,555 Purchases which would equal 999,999,990 Tokens. Then you pay 40 more NK coins for 1,000,000,002 tokens. 55555555*50+40=2,777,777,790 Coins for revive tokens. 2,777,777,790+10,000,000,000= 12,777,777,790 For purchases you have to get 12,777,777,790/2500=5111111 purchases. But that only equals 12,777,777,500 coins. For the remaining 290 coins we account for 1 220 coin purchase ($20) and 1 105 coin purchase ($10) 5,111,111*200+30=$1,022,222,230 $1,022,222,230 American dollars or 12,777,777,790 NK Coins to use if you try to get it legit!