This is a list of fake force op hacks. Flaws are listed as to why the program is fake.

Major League Griefing ProgramsEdit

Short Verison: It claims to be a site with overpowered programs, but in the end it is just a series of redirect loops.

Long Verison:

At first, you land on the welcome page. Looks fishy that they have so much programs, but you go on.


Image 1. Regular enough for sites like this..

Then, you go click on one of their programs. You like ForceOP because you want to overrun a server. [FLAW1]


Image 2. FreeOP! Who wouldn't want that?!

There are two links, one that says click here to be the first one to download! and one that says "Start your free download." [FLAW2] Thinking that you click the first button, you click the first one, which is <DO NOT TRY TO ACCESS! This link contains advertisements and popups which BYPASS pop up blockers! I managed to prevent popups using a script, but you shouldn't click on it.

Note that that is a linkbucks domain, and it buys random domains to bypass unshorteners. For example, one domain it brought is, which looks like an adult site.

It then leads to:

Which is just a subscribing link for their channel.

The other link

Which leads to: [FLAW3]

Need help downloading? They have another linkbucks for you!

Which is:


Image 3. Download help

The other link "start download" goes to this:


Image 4. More linkbucks??

which says you must share the website on a social network. This is also how they earn money, as this attracts more newcomers.

After the link is unlocked, another linkbucks link!!!

But then: [FLAW4]

And you restart!

Flaws Explained

1. If there was really a working ForceOP program, why didn't someone destroy Mineplex or Hypixel with it? Why aren't there hundreds of people screaming that someone got OP on their server daily? ForceOPs do exist, but merely as exploits fixed by 99% of the servers.

2. You have to confirm your download to download the real content right? But the real content works! And there is nothing to check if you really clicked the button or not! This is to convince users that they failed because they missed this step later on.

3. Universal download link??? Shouldn't there be different links? Universal download links for all "programs" is a big sign of malware/scam.

4. The short link directly leads to the oops page! This means that there must be something wrong with the link they gave you! But it can't be wrong, because it is brought to you by another button, which is brought by another button..

The site is a fail.