There was once a user called *classified* who played legit. However, because of retard RNG and terrible gear, he gave up all hope on luck. The first signs of cheating were not actually cheating but "glitching". This lead to the loooong way into hacking.

After this first attempts at glitching, he gets finally tried of hacking and makes a test account to do h4x. He learns of Konghack and he is doing the h4x. This is the character he made: (Figure 2-1 to 2-3)

However, he is not content with konghack h4x. So he took a month to find out the core hack (will not go into detail). After that, he becomes more efficient with hacks and did legacy weapons, instant kill, etc. (Figure 3. Banmeihack, a hacker with elite hacks) However, he wants to cheat his MP counter. He tries to do that for a week and he finds it!

(Figure 4: He does it.) Then, he works to get hacks like a better way of insta-kill, turret spam hacks, and more! Until he has finally worked to what he is today. He now has advanced to premium weapons hack, coring to 10,000% ,and much more. (Figure 5)

Note: Each version of ZombieKillSpree represents an advance...


Figure 1. Attempts to self boost.


Figure 2-1. Character Screenshot 1.


Figure 2-2. Character Screenshot 2.


Figure 2-3. Character Screenshot 3.


Figure 3. Banmeihack.


Figure 4. MP stats hack.


Figure 5. 1.5 Million Damage!!! (10,000% cored weapon) By: ZKS IV