This is a dream client with all the ideal features.

Additional features:

CommandBar- True < Uses client's own command bar instead of vanilla. Good for admins trying to make you do .legit and to bypass character limit for commands.

Recording/Silent Mode- Hides command bars and logos. However, ESP boxes and mods will not be disabled. Also disables chat messages by the client. A popup will appear (using java, like spammer GUI popup) asking if the user wants to disable all mods.

Session stealer- Enter someone's session, and log in as them!

Alt manager- Supports premium and cracked alts.

Settings for alt manager:

Encrypt Passwords for premium alts- False by default

For multiplayer server list

ServerFinder- Finds similar servers.

PortScanner- Scans for ports in a IP and adds them.

ServerCleanup- Cleans up servers.


Unknown Hosts

Servers out of date or incompatible

Failed ping servers

All servers (default no)

Rename all servers

TestConnect- Tries to connect to all servers. Can be stopped, and this will determine if a server is cracked or premium. You can also test for whitelist servers or servers that refuse to connect (like "coming soon" servers, some bungeecord subservers, etc)


AntiBlind-Protects from blindness+nausea.

BaseFinder-Searchs for man made blocks.

BaseFinder highlighter box color setter

CaveFinder-Helps you find caves.

ChestESP-Helps you find chests.

ChestESP highligher box color setter

Freecam-Allows you to fly around the world (client side).

Freecam mode reach (packets for breaking will be sent to server)

Freecam mode sight (blocks all break in 1 hit, however when freecam is off blocks return to normal)

FullBright-Lights up the world.

Fullbright mode gamma Sets the world like its day all the time.

Fullbright mode Night Vision gives the same effect as under a night vision potion.

HealthTags-Shows you all entities health.

ItemESP-Highlights all dropped items

ItemESP highlighter box color setter

ItemTags-Tags all items and shows you what they are.

MobESP-Highlights all mobs

Will the client render:

Invisible Mobs with Invisibility Particles

Invisible Mobs with No Invisibility Particles (to counter radar jammers)

MobESP highlighter box color setter (can be different color for passive+aggressive)

MobESP Option "Highlight Passives"

MobESP Option "Highlight Aggressive Mobs"

NameProtect-Censors all player names

NameTag Size-Expands nametags

NameTag Size Adjuster

NoHurtcam-Removes the thing when you get hurt

AntiShake-Stops screen from shaking from custom plugins like mineplex combat

PlayerESP-Highlights all players

PlayerESP highligher box color setter (can be different for teammates/friends or other players)

Render Options (to render or not render)

Invisible Players with Invisibility Particles

Invisible Players with No Invisibility Particles (to counter radar jammers)

Players not on Tab List (may lag if unchecked)

Players not in motion for more then x seconds or flying for more then x seconds

PlayerFinder-Abuses exploit in weather to find far away players.

PropHuntESP-Highlights all prophunt blocks.

PropHuntEP highlighter box color setter

RemoteView-Targets the closest entity and lets you see their FOV.

.remoteview [entity to target]

Search-Highlights all blocks on list.

.search add [block]

.search list

.search remove [block]

.search removeall

Tracers-Draws lines to configurable things.

Line Color can be based on proximity or entity type. Trace

Visible Players

Visible Mobs

PropHunt Blocks

Search Blocks


Invisible Mobs with Particles

Invisible Mobs without Particles

Invisible Players with Particles

Invisible Players without Particles

Players not shown as online on tab list

TrueSight-Allows player to see Invisible Entities

TrueSight opacity

XRay-Only render blocks of your selection XRay block selector

NoParticle-Prevents Particles

Hide Options:

Firework Particles

Sprinting/moving Particles

Potion Particles

Other Particles

AntiFade-Prevents far away chunks from fading.

WallHack-Allows you to see entities through walls.

Trajectories-Allows you to see everyone's item path of motion. For arrows and objects

Trajectories color

Show other players trajectories

Waypoints-Shows you points that you set

.waypoint add

.waypoint remove

.waypoint set [name] [color (R,G,B)]

.waypoint list

.waypoint removeall

BreadCrumbs-Shows you your movement

.breadcrumbs clear

WireFrame-Shows the world through wireframs

Wireframe Thickness+opacity

CameraNoClip-Allows person in third person to go into walls

CompassTracer-Shows where the compass points to.

StatusHUD-Shows your potion effects, armor durability, etc.

ArmorESP-Allows you to see other people's armor.

No Fire Effect-Removes the fire effecting, adding a bar showing if the player is on fire or not.

Tools-Renders a clock and compass above your screen and shows ingame time and direction.

UnderwaterVision-Allows user to see better in the water.

ExoVision-Allows full brightness in the End and Nether like the overworld.


AutoWalk-Automatically walks

AutoJump-Always jump

BunnyHop-Automatically jumps when you walk.

Blink-Suspends all movement until hack is removed. This can make you "teleport".

.blink mode lag -acts like player lagged out, may get you kicked out from server

.blink mode normal- Freezes movement packets instead

.blink cancel -Cancel blink

Dolphin-Automatically swim

FastLadder-Go up ladders fast

Fastladder speed adjustable

Flight-Allows you to fly.


-Mineplex Mode

-NCP Mode

-Vanilla Mode

-Creative Fly Mode (double tap to fly instead of single tap fly)

Fly speed adjustable.

Glide-Adjusts falling rate

Glide rate

Highjump-Jumps x blocks instead of normal jump.

.highjump blocks [jumping height]

Jesus-Walk on water


-Vanilla mode

-NCP mode

Jetpack-Allows you to fly up (but without holding space you go down)

FastFall-Instantly hits the ground when falling.

InvWalk-Walk when viewing inventory.

NoClip-Clip through walls.

NoFall-No fall damage

NoSlow-You can't get slowed down.

SafeWalk-Prevents you from falling down.

Sprint-Always Sprint


Sprint Forwards

Sprint Backwards

Sprint Sideways

SpeedHack-Faster movement

Old speed- Walk faster

New speed- Walk faster for x, then slow down for y seconds

BunnySpeed- Speeds by doing minihops.

Step- Steps up blocks instantly.


Normal mode, .step height [x]

NCP, 1 block step.

Spider-Climbs up blocks like they all have vines.

Spider speed

NOTE: Step climbs up instantly, spider climbs up slowly and is infinite.

Sneak-Allows you to sneak or appear sneaking.

Sneak mode "real"-The client appears to be sneaking.

Sneak mode "packet"-You sent a packet that tells the server you're sneaking but you're moving normally.

Sneak speed from normal sneaking speed to normal walking/sprinting speed


PVP Mod Settings


AimAssist- Helps you in PvP.

AimAssist aiming location (head, body, etc)

Aimbot- Automatically aim at a player's head.

Aimbot aiming location

AutoArmor-Automatically put on armor. This checks the armor with most resistance and counts in enchants as well.

AutoArmor mode Type- Automatically puts on the best type armor, no matter enchants.

Normal- Checks on enchants. Will not count durability.

AutoShoot-Auto shoot when armor is going to hit



PasswordCracker- Attempts to brute force passwords with most commonly used passwords.

Activated with ClickGUI for button "PasswordCracker"

Spammer- Spams with a certain message for x times.

Spammer GUI:

Message 1:

Add another message (optional)

Spam [adjust times here] times

Delay in messages [ms]

Instant Send [true/false]

Use special characters [true/false]

Special characters- Bypasses filters by using special characters.

AntiSpam- Prevents spam by doing this:



To: Spam1 [x2]

Large message blocker- Blocks messages beyond x characters from being sent at once.

NoSwear- Hides swear words. Double tap the blocked word (shown as @#$%) to see it.

NameProtect- Hides your name in chat. Can also hide another person's name by inserting it in the list.