There are several types of players in annihilation. Here are just some examples:

NOTE: You can be multiple types or change types throughout the course of phases.

The Phase 1 RusherEdit

Rushes at phase 1, because why not? Sometimes to get kills, some do it to rush in early to get in, while some do it for no purpose.

The Blitz RusherEdit

Rushes during phase 2-5, he breaks defense lines by running straight to the nexus to nibble a small part each rush. Easy to counter, and is easy to be a blitz rusher (grab food and rush). What makes this different from phase 1 rushers is if he did it late enough or if his sole intention is to get into the nexus. A phase 1 rusher is a blitz rusher if he gets in the nexus.

The Tank RusherEdit

He rushes late (phase 5) and he hits hard, using brute force, and is also hard to stop, especially in packs. It takes a long time to get the force needed to be a tank rusher. If you try to get players killed (not just punching them once, but stopping to kill), then you are a tank rusher.

Resource GathererEdit

He gets lots of food, iron, diamond, and supplies. Most people are this at the beginning.


Defends nexus by building walls or guarding the nexus itself.


Cheats in-game. He uses illegal modifications to do or see things that normal players will not see.


Destroying protection, team killing, just ruining the experience.


A pro isn't simply that guy with the best armor; he has the ability to legitimately overpower a greater force with lesser force (killing iron guy with starter weapons). He is one who most players look up to.


A player who can be taken down, even with better defense, by another guy easily. Usually looked down on.