This will show the history of hacking on MC, how devs tried to stop it, and how it is today.

What is "Hacking"?Edit

Hacking is the use of mods that are an advantage to a player, in SP or MP. This may include ESPs, Aimbots, Godmode,Auto Mods, etc.

In SP,the hacks don't effect anyone but you. If you cheat, it makes it easier for you but it does not affect anyone else. However, in MP, or SP with highscores, it affects other people because of how easy you can "beat" them. This is why anti-cheats have been made. SAS 4, for example, is all client sided (with some checks but not enough to stop hacks), making it easy to hack.

How did hacks get into MC?Edit

The first "hacks" were cheat engine/MCedit based, and they did not modify code but instead variables, doing things like godmode, free items, etc. Then there came the mods.

One of the first mods was made from "patching" MC, and it was for Alpha. Some added new tools/functions, and from there the first actual hacks came out. It was very little hacks (not the diverse ones today), and it had basic functions like Q for fly, etc.